Sunday, 5 October 2014

Ironman Motivation Letters

The night before the hubs and I left for Mont Tremblant, one of my best friends came over with her hubs to send me good wishes and give me a little gift.  They were coming to the race to cheer me on as well, but they would be coming a couple of days later.

The gift had some fun things like Pepto Bismol (for after the race), some Advil and glow sticks (for during the race), some candy, water, nail polish (to attempt to make my ugly fingers look pretty) and there were notes attached to all of them.

But she also had six separate envelopes all labeled for the separate days leading up to and after the race that I was to open on each individual day.  There was a seventh envelope for me to open when/if I was feeling stressed or needed a pick-me-up, but I can't find the picture I took of that one -- boo!

So before I begin writing my race day re-caps and my experiences at Mont Tremblant, I wanted to start with this photo gallery:

Each of one of these had an impact on me and I kept those quotes with me all day and thought back to each of them on race day.  I couldn't wait to open them every morning! Obviously the last one made me laugh out loud.  Take that, Chuck!

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Stay Tuned

I've been told that I need to write a detailed race report when this is all over.  Yes, I've been training (like a madwoman) for this race.  Yes, I've obviously failed in writing about my training.  Honestly, if you read other bloggers that are training for an Ironman, then it's the same wash, rinse, repeat on my end.  But for all seven of you that (still??) follow me, then you probably already know about my training because you follow me on Daily Mile -- or you train with me anyway ;-)

So, once the race is done and I have consumed this:

Courtesy of my swim buddy

....and many others like it, then I will sit down and do my best at articulating what I hope to be a write up of a day where I rose to my potential, raced like I trained for the finish I want, and where I did my best to be amazing and not fuck it up.

I'm looking forward to a fun day and spending time with friends who mean the world to me and a husband who supports me no matter what I do.