Monday, 10 June 2013

Slowly Getting the Mojo Back

It was a tough couple of weeks after my marathon.  I really wasn't sure about doing a fall marathon and I pretty literally left it till the last minute to register before the price went up.  Two hours to be exact.    If you read my last post, then you know I've registered for another marathon.  I'm ready to get back at it and have had a couple of good, but challenging, runs since this journey started.  Before I decided to jump back on the bandwagon, the hubs and I went on a great vacation to San Diego and did some fun stuff like this:

Segway Fun in LaJolla
Running on the beach in Coronado

Doing some trail running in LaJolla

Hanging out at Petco Park in sweet seats behind home plate to watch the Padres play
I've also decided to change my training around a little.  I won't be running six times a week anymore because I'm back to riding my bike with these awesome ladies:

Girlfriend on the right is doing her first Ironman in November.  Girlfriend on the left is a 4x Ironman!
I've been hitting up the stairs on the Hamilton Escarpment for a great butt and calf workout.  I've mastered Chedoke (well, okay, not really -- I thought I had polio two days after I did Chedoke for the first time last week).  The hubs and I did Kenilworth last week, and this week I am tackling Chedoke and Dundurn stairs --  Yeah, we're hardcore that way! -- with the hubs, this awesome gal and another awesome gal who I finally met in real life on the weekend though I've known her through Daily Mile for over six months.

Sweaty goodness after an early start on the Chedoke stairs.

Yoga has been a staple for the past six months.  I just can't believe it took me this long to try it.  I'm in love.  And now that the weather has been nicer - sort of - I've been pulling out my mat, my Bosu ball, my stability ball and doing some strength and core workouts in my backyard.

Slowly, but surely, all of the above things and being surrounded by truly incredible friends is leading me back to the one thing I truly love to do:  run.

And just because this picture makes me happy, I want to include it just to sign off.

The group I run with and some DM friends at the Moon in June.


  1. Suckered Sarah into doing those stairs with ya huh? Better her than me! LOL This post made me happy. Good to see youve got your mojo back!

    1. Thanks, Sam! I didn't sucker her into it at all. We're just really good at making it look like fun :)

    2. I know you didn't have to coerce her into them. She's daft like that with those stairs. Have fun! She's loads of a good time!

    3. Haha! Looking forward to it!

  2. Oh wow. It looks like your running/exercising at the moment is FUN. It's exactly what it should be. Enjoy, and keep us updated!!

  3. A vacation like that sounds perfect for getting your mojo back. Some beautiful places to run, and other sites to enjoy to help you recover and refocus!

  4. Looks like you were having some fun. Congrats on getting ready for another marathon... always fun to sign up and think of everything that is can be. Happy training.