Monday, 26 March 2012

Around the Bay Race Report: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

This was my seventh Around the Bay 30K.  Here are some of my thoughts on yesterday's race:

The Good:
  • Awesome weather.  Running in a tank and running skirt in March:  priceless!
  • Free parking and change area at a local news station, thanks to some running friends
  • Tons of family/friends doing the race, too
  • Friends and spectators along the route.  Nothing gives you a boost better than that!
  • No black toe nails.
  • Hearing about people's PB's after the race
  • Dinner and drinks after with the same amazing friends and family
  • My own 12-minute PB -- still grinning ear to ear
The Bad:
  • Running alone for 30K.  It was my choice.  I was running slower than some friends and faster than others so I decided to go it alone
  • Fighting the gerbil in my head when it was getting tough
  • Hmm....thinking too hard if there was other bad stuff, so I guess there isn't any more
The Ugly:
  • One woman running behind me 10 feet from the finish line yelling:  "Get out of the way.  Get out of the way.  Get the f^#k out of the way."   Completely uncalled for.  This isn't a BQ race, for Pete's sake.
Clearly, the good outweighed all the bad and the ugly and I'm proudly walking gingerly, like many of my friends.  I'm looking forward to scaling back on my run distances now that my total training focus will be Lake Placid. 

Here's a photo of some of the gang that ran yesterday.  So proud of them!

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