Wednesday, 12 December 2012

2012 Year in Review .... For Now. More To Come.

A blogger I follow reviewed her 2012 and encouraged others to do the same.  I've answered the same questions that she posted, but will have a more fulsome review later in the year.  So here's my preliminary 2012 year in review. 

1.  Best Race Experience:    Without question, it was Ironman Lake Placid.   I worked my butt off (literally and figuratively) for this race.

2.  Best Run:  Running the NYC Half Marathon in March with some amazing friends.  This one was for fun because my target run-only race was the very next week and I wanted to save the PR for that one.

3.  Best New Piece of Gear:  My Garmin 910 XT.  I love how it tracks my swim workouts. It tracks my distance so that I don't have to count laps in the pool-- I'm a spazz when it comes to that -- and also gives me my distance in my open water swims.  This baby gives me all the minutiae of detail that I want for my swims, my bike rides and my runs.

4.  Best Piece of Running Advice:   Someone telling me I needed to start training for myself.

5.  Most Inspirational Runner(s):   I loved Grete Waitz.  Such a class act.  But now I am inspired by the runners that I train with.

6.  Sum up Your Year:   I am stronger than I think, but I need to be stronger and less afraid to do things.

Feel free to tell me what your year was like, or do as I did and post on your own blog.


  1. nice recap!!! I love posts like this - where you get to find out more about you :) my best race was my half with macnic!

  2. Great review Coach - 2013 is our year to fear less and live more.

    1. You bet :) It's going to be a great year!!